The Management of HAIFA Group of companies holds in high regard the safety, welfare and health of its employees. We firmly believe that every employee is entitled to work under the safest possible conditions. All possible efforts will be made in the interest of accident prevention in all our work sites, workshops and projects. We do realize that preventing accidents will reduce the associated costs and increase the morale of the employees, which is an intangible benefit to the organization.

Our Safety Guidelines:

  • All employees in our Group of Companies are expected to perform their duties without compromising the safety guidelines issued from time to time.
  • Safety requirements will be an integral part of all our systems and it will be carefully planned and controlled in the day to day operation. A team of dedicated safety personnel’s will educate the line staff to follow safety rules efficiently and will audit the Company’s operations on a continuous basis to ensure whether the existing safety systems are adequate enough.
  • We have a responsibility not to endanger the environment due to our operation and will do our best to preserve it to the possible extent.
  • The Company shall strive to maintain high safety standards through safety training, encouraging interest and enthusiasm in Safety and by developing personal responsibility for safety
  • The Company shall conduct its operations in such a manner as to minimize any detriment to the environment. Disposal of waste shall be controlled.
  • The Company shall ensure the protection and safe operation of all plant and equipment.
  • The Company shall comply with all laws and statues of the United Arab Emirates.


  • Haifa is responsible for providing safe working environment for the employees at work. Haifa shall periodically review the personal Health of employees and any hazard to Health and Safety shall be examined and appropriate precautionary measures shall be adopted.
  • Respective personnel may analyze any additional hazard to health specific to the nature of work, socio – environmental factors of the work site and specific Health Plan may be made if required.